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Thursday, September 03, 2009

ProgDay Festival Turns 15!

Hi all! I'm taking a break from wondering why on earth we don't have decent health insurance in the US to remind everyone that the 15th annual ProgDay Progressive Rock Music Festival takes place this weekend at Storybook Farm on the outskirts of Chapel Hill. Bands and fans from all over the world descend on the farm this weekend to get fully into the sounds and sun. This year's headliner is the legendary UK band Ozric Tentacles.

If you are feeling a bit economically stressed this year, check out the ProgDay "Pre-Show" on Friday evening at Local 506, featuring two great local progressive bands: the improvisational trio George/Preston/Herrett and the eastern influenced sound of Jaafar.

I'll be at 506, so I hope to see you there!