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Monday, January 28, 2008

State Bird "Mostly Ghostly"

The fine people at Pirate! Pirate! recently introduced me to State Bird's latest release, "Mostly Ghostly", a rolicking journey through US history, spinning tales of Pilgrims and Indians with an odd assortment of mostly acoustic instruments (you can never go wrong with ukelele!), tribal chants, and even a touch of revivalist country twang. Now I must admit a personal aversion to country music, so when I hear a pedal steel guitar I also need to hear the reassuring strains of maximum "quirk rock" that power most of the album.

Our tale begins with the "Story of the Last Pilgrim and Indian", an introductory whistling over accordion, a song that might have been, but wasn't quite. From there we are treated to a mix of first person narratives of an earlier time, combining elements of two radically different cultures in a modern day stir fry of fun.

The standout track for me is "The Golden Glowing Mask", which starts with a captivating full stereo guitar riff and takes it from there. Mom even likes it! "Sounds kind of spiritual." You could say that about much of the album, or as we say here in Cackalacky, "spurachull". After "Mask" we are treated to an all-out native jam in "What's all that Racket in our Haunted Attic". More! More! More!

One shortcoming of this release is that it's a bit too short for what we have come to expect these days, clocking in at not quite 36 minutes. Clearly, they need to try Doctah Dave's Filler-o-matic. It works like this: jam like mad for 4 hours, and take the best 15 minutes. Poof! Instant success! Aside from that, State Bird has given us a real gem, and they leave us with this moral: "don't go out into the woods--there are bears and wolves waiting to hurt you." Instead, check out State Bird's music from the safety of the internet (website, MySpace).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gibson Robot Guitar

I for one welcome our robotic guitar overlords! Unit Vector first told me about this, but I just now checked out the YouTube vid--pretty amazing. Now all I have to do is convince the fine people at Gibson to send me one for further evaluation, what with me being a guitar god and all. Surely, it's the least they could do. Actually, no, it's not the least they could do. Fine!

Anyway, the Gibson website (oops, I just fixed the broken link!) also has some pretty funny robot guitar videos.

Moving right along, I also happened to click on an associated YouTube-ism featuring the amazing guitarist, Dominic Frasca. Wow! Do yourself a favor and check him out. .. and that stuff I said before about me being a guitar god? Um, never mind.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nooz of the Bit

Apologies for not keeping you informed, entertained, and/or otherwise stimulated in this post-holiday season! You deserve better than THAT! Here in the BitWorks bunker we are planning our forthcoming musical offerings. I can't say for sure which artists are going to grace us with their works of brilliance, but it looks like it could be an amazing year ahead.

In the near term, I will be reviewing the new EP from Annuals, "Frelen Mas". We will be doing an email-interview with various Annuals along with the review, so keep your eyeballs glued to your screen. Hey, no blinking allowed!

Alas, all has not been happy news so far this year. We did experience the passing of our mascot faithful guardian of the website, Harry the Wonderdog. We found Harry on the same day as one of the Harry Potter books was released (June 21st) years ago, looking pitiful, flea and tick ridden. He was not the brightest canine in the world, but no doubt he was one of the sweetest. Bye for now Harry--good boy!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Yes, it's true! The complete FLAC catalog is now fully restored and ready for your listening. Every FLAC encoded album includes audio identical to CD quality along with all artwork and goodies. Did you know that our multimedia album downloads have been clinically proven to improve your New Year 26.4%? Well, they haven't but still, you can do your own testing under your own discriminating lab conditions, or not. Thanks for supporting the music!