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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nooz of the Bit

Apologies for not keeping you informed, entertained, and/or otherwise stimulated in this post-holiday season! You deserve better than THAT! Here in the BitWorks bunker we are planning our forthcoming musical offerings. I can't say for sure which artists are going to grace us with their works of brilliance, but it looks like it could be an amazing year ahead.

In the near term, I will be reviewing the new EP from Annuals, "Frelen Mas". We will be doing an email-interview with various Annuals along with the review, so keep your eyeballs glued to your screen. Hey, no blinking allowed!

Alas, all has not been happy news so far this year. We did experience the passing of our mascot faithful guardian of the website, Harry the Wonderdog. We found Harry on the same day as one of the Harry Potter books was released (June 21st) years ago, looking pitiful, flea and tick ridden. He was not the brightest canine in the world, but no doubt he was one of the sweetest. Bye for now Harry--good boy!

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