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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Jam Weekend

I had the chance this weekend to visit a new friend who happens to have a basement studio, a drummer! We have been meaning to get together for a while, so Saturday I threw the guitars and bag-o-gizmos in the trunk and we headed over to Studio Jamie.

J has a diverse musical background, so it seemed we had a lot of common ground. Of course, playing just guitar and drums pretty much gave me free reign, so I took him through a few of my "hit" (cough) singles, like Toad, Road, and Fuma. I guess I'm pretty hard on drummers. Jeff used to whine about all the meter changes. Fortunately, Jamie has some jazz training, so he picked it up pretty fast.

Web notes: I guess you could call what you see here BitWorks 1.0 beta. There are a lot of minor fixes to be done. Last night I watched as a couple of friends surfed the site. Thrills! Horrors! It is especially helpful to see the way new users find their way around and/or get confused.

In other exciting news, I bought a data cable for my cellphone/camera, so very soon I will be featuring the most exciting photos you can imagine. OK, maybe not quite THAT exciting, but hopefully more interesting than photos of carpet samples.


Erica AP said...

So do you represent artist or are you just an artist yourself? What's the link on the left about?

davido said...

Well, you *could* click the link and find out, eh? Go ahead, it only hurts for a minute. :-)

I am a download distributor for several artists and also a guitarist rockstar(tm).