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Monday, February 19, 2007


This weekend I had the opportunity to have an acupuncture treatment at a student clinic in the mountains of North Carolina. The deal is that you agree to be a guinea pig for a 4th year acupuncture student and you get the benefit of a team consultation of sorts. I must have had about 15 needles, which felt like a lot, but not as many as this guy.

Acupuncturists vary in style and level of practice, as with any field, but because acupuncture deals with the subtle manipulation of energies, there is some part of the art that cannot be taught except through osmosis. On one end of the scale there are "cookbook" acupuncturists, who may still achieve good results, or not, and then there are those more akin to "energy healers", combining the various diagnosis techniques with what could be described as healer's intuition (i.e. the stuff that can't be taught).

Yesterday's treatment was for allergies, helpful.

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1974punkmom said...

I'm from the mountains of NC. There are lots of wonderful alternative medicine places to go...have you tried Hot Springs???

davido said...

Never been to Hot Springs. I went to a hot spring once in Durango, CO, many moons ago... Ha, there they are!.

This trip was to Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove. (My wife is currently a student there.)

So, where ya from?

1974punkmom said...

I'm not familiar with that place. Hot Springs is wonderful, though. Check it out if you can. Not only are the tubs themselves amazing, but the massages are to die for!
I'm from Asheville. We owned a restaurant there for many years.

davido said...

Sugar Grove is close to Boone. Asheville rocks!

I'll put Hot Springs on my list.