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Monday, February 12, 2007

'Play All' Is Your Friend

One of my favorite things about the new BitWorks web design is the 'Play All' link for each album. It is easy to get a feel for an entire album in 10 or 15 minutes. Come on, click it.. you know you wanna.

Motel You-Must-Be-Kidding, Baltimore

A quick trip up to Md. to visit recovering mom-in-law. Since we weren't spending any time vacationing per-se, we opted for el cheapo motel of the national chain kind. However, we violated the cardinal rule of travel: arrive late at your own risk! We rolled in at 9:30 PM. You know when you hear: "We have only 1 room left. It's on the 3rd floor, but we have an elevator", things may not be going well. "Is it non-smoking?" "No." "But.. we had a reservation." "... Valentine's Day... we're full ... I'm sorry..." OK, we can deal with a smoke flavored room for 1 night I figured.

After a few minutes, we realized the heater wasn't heating, blowing cold air. A plaintive call at 10:30. "Sorry, we're full." "Do you have a space heater?" "I don't know. If I find one I'll call you..." I don't know about you, but I have come to expect heat as a standard amenity in February in Maryland. At least they had the sense not to charge for the room. "Ah yes, the polar bear suite, very exclusive." I found the noisy neighbors next door to be the one redeeming feature of the place. At least somebody enjoyed their stay!

On our way out we stopped for coffee, but due to a missed turn, ended up parking in the back lot of a closed car repair shop. When we saw the sign: "park here at your own risk", we knew this was the space for us!

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