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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

True Secrets of the Music Industry

Here at BitWorks we rarely reveal the true (and deadly) secrets of the music industry, but today I'm in a pretty good mood, so you're in luck! Behold:

I can neither confirm nor deny any past, present, or future ninja associations, which of course means I am true ninja.

In other news, today's local paper has this story about a pending $12.5M settlement against major broadcasters accused of taking payments for playing and promoting certain artists, a practice known as "payola". "This is the largest collective fine in the history of American broadcasting," said FCC member Jonathan Adelstein.

I long ago abandoned hope for commercial radio in this country. While there are a few bright spots of innovation (and I struggle to name one, sorry), corporate music is by its nature, well, corporate, meaning: profit driven, self serving, exploitive, homogeneous, insipid, boring, and a lot of other things I would rather not print here. Alas, there is hope. You're surfing in it!

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