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Friday, May 04, 2007

National Holographic "In the Near Infrared" Release!

Today we release the 2006 album from National Holographic, "In the Near Infrared" in lossless FLAC and high bitrate MP3 album download format, the Web++ edition including dynamic album graphics. National Holographic, here represented by Ted Johnson, Jim Dennis (of the Music loft, Carrboro, NC), and Jason King, have released 12 albums on Ted's Studio 713 label. We look forward to hearing a lot more great music from them.

But wait! There's more! (Did I really just say that?) There's a "prize in every box"! If we shipped our downloads in boxes, there would be a prize in the box, but we ship our downloads in shiny new .zip files. In every downloaded album (in this release as well as the latest Johnson-Hendrix "Space Probe"), there is a hidden vault of unknown treasures! This alone is worth (click.. click..tap) at least the price of admission. So far no one has uncovered the secret!

OK, enough marketing tripe for the masses today. Click on the National Holographic link on the BitWorks Music home page. Click on Play All on the album and check it out!

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