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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adios Suckas!

Photon posted this recently on his blog:

Steve Roach loved the new Unit Vector CD "Off The Tilted Edge". He will be taking the CD with him to listen to during his long 2 day drive to his big concert at Grace Cathedral. Anyone who is in the area should check it out. I'm sure it will be quite memorable.
As for me, I'm outta here! We will be on vacation in the beautiful desolation of the desert in Arizona and Utah. I have never seen this part of the country, so it should be a treat. .. and HOT! As my coworker said, "You should of thought of that" when we decided to spend some time there in July. Um, yeah.
I may or may not be checking my email while I'm gone, so it's possible I will suffer geek withdrawal symptoms.
Just one more thing before I go though--I was reading The Independent today and stumbled upon my horoscope (compliments of Rob Brezny), which reads (if you're not a Pisces, well, that's your problem pal):
I hope by now you realize that this is your Year of Getting Your Career in Gear. It may or may not be a time when you'll climb to the top of the heap and score fresh privileges and new clout. But it's definitely a time when you can move closer to making a living from doing what you love.

Sweet! Privileges and clout can wait, but doing what I love--sign me up for some of that.

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