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Sunday, June 17, 2007

National Holographic "The Sands of Time"

We have released the 4th album download from National Holographic, "The Sands of Time". The Studio 713 description:

This is an album emphasizing slowly evolving soundscapes. Many of the tracks project a feeling of desolation and premonition that seems to suggest desert wastelands, ruined cities, and far off battlefields. Other tracks are haunted by disembodied voices, weird creatures, and strange contraptions. Tomas Phillips (Jason's collaborator in "Eto Ami") contributed a variety of creatively-processed "found sounds" to five tracks recorded during a single session in May 2005.

You can preview the album from the BitWorks Music home page by clicking on National Holographic and "Play All" for the album. We are also featuring the title track as a free download.

Yesterday I charged my iPod and my iTunes lost its mind. Something to the effect of: "Your iPod is sync-ed to another music library. Would you like to erase the contents of your iPod and replace it with this libarary?" Well, this library was the few albums I have purchased from iTunes and nothing else! I figured I would take the safe route and backup the entire thing to my C drive, but then what choice do I have? I could screw around trying to hack my iPod to recover its marbles, which could take any length of time, but I figured what the hell, I can attempt to re-import my backed up music later. A while back I mentioned that you can hack your iPod to run different software than the "normal" operating system. This is starting to sound pretty good now. If you are brave, click here to see a listing of all free iPod related software on SourceForge. SourceForge is a geek's best friend. If it's free software, you will probably find it there. However, keep in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for.

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