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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Operators Are Standing By!

I finally did what I have been hoping to do for a while--lower the prices on most of the albums in our catalog. Why? Well, as they say around here, "Y'all ain't buyin' sheeit!" Shocking, I know, but true. Now the top price for FLAC albums in our current catalog is $9. MP3 albums are only $7. If it were any lower you'd think we were AllOfMP3. (BTW, never ever buy anything from AllOfMP3--they don't pay royalties to artists.) No, 70% of the sales price goes directly to fund the lavish rock star lifestyles* of our artists.

This is also anticipating our forthcoming multimedia albums that are like nothing available anywhere else on the planet. I know this sounds like polyester-suit-wearing used download salesman bullshit, but it is actually the case. See, BitWorks is sort of the Grey Poupon of music downloads. But don't take my word for it.

The first beta of National Holographic's "The Sands of Time" is shipped to the artists for review. Meanwhile, somewhere in his studio, Steve Roach is mastering Unit Vector's debut release as UV begins work on the music video! More excitement to come.

(* They sometimes eat the deluxe organic ramen noodles instead of the regular ramen.)

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