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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Down With Gravity - Exposition

This Friday afternoon from 12:30-1:30 Down With Gravity - Expositions of Guitar and Gadgets - will play at Cafe Kado in Research Triangle Park (Durham), North Carolina. The cafe is located at 5311 S. Miami Blvd., across the street from Wendy's off I-40.

Down With Gravity is the name I use to describe my solo performances, that is, me, a guitar or two, a few pedals, loops, slide, an e-bow, a couple of custom cut guitar picks, and attitude. This will be my first solo performance in recent years to an unsuspecting audience of lunchtime coffee drinkers and hungry sandwich eaters. The question is: will I be able to come up with an hour of listenable material? The question for you is: will you be there to witness this potential death defying train wreck?

Cafe Kado has been in operation for not quite a year, and I recently heard that a coffee store of the huge national variety (you may have heard of them--they're on pretty much every street corner) is opening literally a couple of blocks from the cafe. So the future of Cafe Kado is very much in doubt. If for no other reason, come out to support the future of the cafe, because they truly won't be around for very long without your help.


Anonymous said...

David, it may seem really late in the day, so to speak, but thank you for your contribution to making Cafe' Kado more of what it was meant to be....sorry we had to pull out, I've missed my community of customers....again, thanks for your support of Cafe' Kado.


David said...

Thanks for the note Katheryn! It was fun playing, even though it was only that once.

Take care,