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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Coming Attractions!

Labor Day weekend in the U.S. This weekend marks 10 years since my band Smokin' Granny performed at the annual Prog Day Festival in Chapel Hill, 1997. It also marks 10 years since the death of Diana Princess of Wales. We opened up the set on Sunday morning with this performance of "Ghost Catcher Box" dedicated to her memory. (You can stream it here without downloading the MP3 file.)

But enough about history--time to present the present! I know all of you have been glued to your screens awaiting the forthcoming release of Unit Vector's debut album, "Off the Tilted Edge". The album is complete and will be here very soon, available for your download enjoyment. Photon is hard at work on his multimedia album design. I am very excited to have the opportunity to release this album, as Photon has been one of our biggest supporters here. The Unit Vector sound is composed sampled and synth tones woven to create unexpected textures. I especially like UV's mix of string orchestra samples with other, more otherworldly sounds. This release will also incorporate the latest presentation software from BitWorks Music.

My mad geek skills have been in overdrive in the past couple of weeks to expand and revolutionize album layouts. If you are an artist, you should check out the demo album I have put together. Contact me for details.

I will close this holiday post with yet another exciting announcement. Can you deal with this much excitement? We will be releasing Johnson-Hendrix, "Time Machine" this week. Ted reviewed the album and has given his Studio 713 stamp of approval to release, so .. just a bit more uploading of the FLAC version of the album to go.

Have a nice remainder of your weekend. Don't forget the sunscreen, drink lots of liquids, and drive safely if you are.

Now if I stretch my head out the window and apply my maximum Spidey sense I might just be able to hear the crowds gathering for the 2nd day of Prog Day 2007, not 10 miles from here..

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