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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Internets!

This has got to be the funniest video I have watched all day. "But what does this have to do with music?" Yes, I can hear all you whiners out there. Well, this easy-to-follow video tells you things you may never have heard about, like emails and MySpaces, and friendsters, and more! And we're on the internet and stuff, so it's all good. Right?

You may be wondering what we have been up to here in Bitland. I have been scheming and planning for 2008, and also planning my Maximum Spammage campaign for the next couple of months. We will be rolling out brand new shiny mini-stores to all of our artists to embed as part of their MySpaces. The net may never be the same.

2008 will be a whole new can-o-worms. One thing is certain--you will want to check back here every week and buy buy buy lots of album downloads, but why wait? I would be willing to bet that you don't have all of the 19 albums in our catalog yet. I imagine you don't even have a single one. Why not be an exceptionally cool individual? You would be directly supporting the artists and this website. What, you think I'm doing this for my health? I'm doing it for the toys dammit! You buy a lot of stuff and I get to buy a new loop station, or a guitar. In fact, I'll make you a deal. If 100 of you fine internet people purchase an album I will release an album in the next year. (crickets) OK, well, try this. If even just 10 discriminating individuals such as yourself make a purchase right now, I will write a fat check to support the GCIRP. What is that? Sorry, time's up. That will have to wait for another post.

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