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Friday, October 05, 2007

SG Sighting!

It's always cool to hear about long lost CD's of ours floating about the universe.

From a friend:

I was at the used CD store at the state fairgrounds two weeks ago.. saw the Smokin' Granny CD there..

I made it to a bit of the Carrboro Music Festival last weekend. A memorable performance from Onomata at Arts Center, with drummer Ian Davis flying in from Lincoln, Nebraska for the show. It seemed something like a BitWorks Music friends and family reunion you could say, with most of the usual suspects in attendance.

After a tour through the packed outdoor stage at Weaver Street Market, I walked around the block past a couple of other venues and ended up at Cat's Cradle. Viva la Venus was just starting their set, a female-fronted heavy rock quartet. It's impossible to not draw comparisons here with Heart, but only because of the two strong voices of Wendy Brancaccio and Susan Darney. They have a website here and MySpace here.
Their third CD release is in the works! Also, they are looking for a new bassist, so if you are a bassist looking to rock...

I only caught the start of Mosadi Music's (MySpace, Homepage) set, and they sounded great, a funk jamstravaganza.

Meanwhile back here in the land-o-bits,
Unit Vector is reviewing release candidate 1.

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