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Friday, November 16, 2007

BitWorks Restore Roulette!

Heya kids! Well, with the holidays rolling around before you know it, I thought we could have a little pre-holiday fun. What we have been enjoying here is our own little online version of Katrina--yes, we're talking major disaster relief of the web kind. It seems somebody, either my web hosting company, or possibly my boneheaded admin self, nuked the catalog completely. While I cannot say for sure what or who did the old 'rm', I will be restoring the albums over the next couple of weeks, and re-introducing them to you lucky listeners one at a time. If there is a particular album you wish to purchase now, email me and I will put it first in the queue. The alternative is to pay to have the backup tape pulled, and .. hell if I'm going to do that! So hey, make it worth my toil and buy some of these album downloads of sonic mayhem. Requests?

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