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Monday, February 11, 2008

Out With the Old

I had a yard sale this weekend, deciding that it is finally time to say goodbye to my vinyl collection. Sniff. I had the idea (once upon a time) that I would break down and buy a turntable, one of the cool ones that do MP3 conversion, and just convert the whole lot of them. ..but it became clear that this was one of those "someday" projects that I don't know if I will ever pursue. It's just not a priority, meaning I will never get around to it. If you are interested in any albums, I still have some autographed albums for $10 apiece, and about 50 others ($2.50 + shipping)--drop me an email. Anyway, the unexpected fun was in meeting people who are real collectors, particularly our local infamous collector Dave, and being able to share the good stuff with them. It's especially cool to meet someone who knows so much more than you do, who knows his DK's, from his Pere Ubu, and his Beefheart. He's like, "Oh yeah, all the Dead Kennedy's albums were pressed overseas." Really? Part of me wants to then snatch "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" from his hands and shout "NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!! SOMEDAY I'LL GET A TURNTABLE..." But no, time to move forward. Fun fact: my son had actually NEVER seen an album out of the sleeve before. He's 12. Their kids will have the same experience of CDs. Oooh, shiny, very shiny CDs.

In other news, I still have a couple of EPs to review as I promised in my last post. Over the weekend I was working on technical crap due to the move to the new server, which I see has apparently crashed! Ha ha! Gee, I hope it wasn't something I did. I still have some geeky bug fixing to do in the next couple weeks, which is good, because my next soon-to-be-grammy-nominated artist has not yet sent me his CD (hi Hank!).

Oh yeah, the Grammys. Yawn. As much as I respect awesomely talented musicians, I just can't get too excited about the whole thing.

One thing I did get excited about this weekend though was seeing the movie "Cloverfield". Oh. My. God. If you can deal with the handheld vomit-inducing camera work, this movie is the most amazing horror/action movie I have ever seen, bar none. A couple weeks ago we saw "No Country For Old Men", another amazing film.

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