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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Administrivia - NEED YOUR HELP!

Howdy campers! It has been an interesting few weeks since we switched to a new server. Product delivery was on "manual" for a while, and apologies to any who were inconvenienced by this. I am happy to say that automatic album delivery appears to be working again, so fear no more!

HOWEVER, I have also noticed that a few people are getting "404's" for some of the sample audio files. If you notice that something appears broken, please email me right away!

In more exciting news, I began reviewing the recordings from BleakJam '08. I have said it before--computer-based recording sucks! In this case, I am hearing a few static bzzzts in the recorded tracks now and then. I could theorize about the noise source and so on, but I have bored you enough already. I will post a new track soon, hopefully by the weekend.

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