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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Acorn!

I like my music a little bit desperate, sometimes a lot desperate, the sounds that are just dying to reach out and grab your soul.

One band that grabbed mine is The Acorn (MySpace), a quintet from Ottawa that will be playing this Thursday, May 1st at Nightlight here in Chapel Hill.

I can't get enough of their mix of acoustic sounds and otherworldly guitar effects. Right now you should click over to their MySpace and check out "Low Gravity" from their second album, "Glory Hope Mountain", dedicated to the life story of vocalist Rolf's mother, who made the difficult journey from Honduras to Canada in the 70's. Rolf reminds me a little bit of David Byrne.

Here is one more treat for you, a video of "The Flood Pt.1" directed by Christopher Mills (Interpol, Modest Mouse, BSS).

(with thanks to Brooke at Pirate!Pirate! for the band info)

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