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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ponytail Pony's Up

This week I have been listening to Baltimore's Ponytail, a dueling power guitar quartet with punk sensibilities and heavy helpings of abstract screams, yeah's, and whoa's. They were formed in 2005 and have a very interesting story of their origins:

"The band originally consisted of 5 members... all chosen randomly by poet Jeremy Sigler. The five knew nothing of each other, thus starting their relationship as infants (babies born and screaming). Ponytail's first years were musically chaotic, feeding on exhaustion, border-lining on retardation, yet ultimately pop related."

But wait! Ponytail has released the song "Celebrate" from their forthcoming album, "Ice Cream Spiritual" on the We Are Free label. You can check it out here.

This is a fun album, with a lot of nice guitar lines, loosely arranged, plentiful reverb and effects. Vocalist Molly Siegel pretty much free improv's her way through most of the tunes. I think their sound would benefit from more written lyrics--tell us a story!

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