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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bonnaroo Music Festival

Our special correspondent, Durham bassist Brian Preston, made the journey to the Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago.

D: Sounds like you had a great time Brian. Tell us, what were your favorite bands?

B: Well the thing I learned about Bonnaroo is that there is so much going on all the time you really only see a small fraction of the action. Out of the bands I saw my favorites were Stephen Marley, Umphreys McGhee, Metallica, Zappa plays Zappa, and Grupo Fantasmo. Pearl Jam was pretty good too.

D: Excellent! How long is the drive to Manchester? At least we're not talking Manchester, England!

B: From Durham NC to Manchester TN is a good 8 hrs 30 mins. But alas, it takes longer for stops and to enjoy the beautiful Smokey Mountains as you head into Tennessee.

FYI, From Durham England to Manchester England is only 2 hrs 10 mins (131 miles!)

D: Bonnaroo is a true multimedia event. Did you check out the art and movie offerings?

B: Art was everywhere... exhibits of all kinds. There was a very cool fire exhibit that climaxed with giant smoke rings being propelled into the atmosphere... over the Metallica show!

D: Did you run into anyone you know from around here?

B: Amazingly, No! But each camp neighbor in our area was from NC: Charlotte, Wilmington, Greenville...

D: Thanks for that report Brian!

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