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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunfold Releasing Debut: "Toy Tugboats"

Raleigh's Sunfold is the alter-ego of the band Annuals (who are playing TONIGHT at the Carrboro Arts Center). While Annuals' compositions generally spring from the keyboard of Adam Baker, Sunfold is the work of guitarist Kenny Florence. "Toy Tugboats", due for release mid-July, features a wide range of guitar-based tunes, showcasing Florence's rock solid chops and various musical styles, ranging from progressive rock to jazz, and a bit o' country. It's more laid back than Annuals' acclaimed "Be He Me" album, and way more jazzy. If you are a fan of jazz guitar and progressive rock, "Toy Tugboats" may be the thing for you. In a word: arpeggios!

If you catch Annuals this evening in Carrboro, you may hear a few Sunfold pieces in the mix, as they finish up their latest US tour. You will be hard pressed to find a more talented group of musicians.

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