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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Experimental Philosophy Rock Show Appears at Local 506

One thing I always enjoy is music that takes me out of the usual confines of conventional rock, pop, or "other", where music moves closer to "performance art" and you pretty much have to drop all your expectations to "get it".

This week Steve Burnett of Subscape Annex announces this unique show at Local 506!

This coming Tuesday, August 5th is a slightly different than usual show at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, beginning with a presentation by a UNC philosophy professor, Joshua Knobe, with a focus on a new form called "experimental philosophy". He will present an introduction to the concept.

From the MySpace page on experimental philosophy:

"Recent years have seen the development of an exciting new approach to doing philosophy. Philosophers have begun conducting actual /experiments/ to gain a better understanding of how people really think and feel. This new approach has led to a firestorm of controversy within academia and is receiving ever more attention in the popular media."

This presentation precedes a performance by musician Alina Simone, who recorded an "X-Phi Anthem" that Josh Knobe made a video for, and can be seen on YouTube.

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