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Saturday, July 19, 2008

People Planning for ProgDay

This week Steve Burnett reminds us that even though it's still mid-summer, it's not too early to buy tickets for the upcoming progressive rock festival held every Labor Day weekend at Storybook Farm.

Steve writes: "I am a fan of progressive rock, which wikipedia describes as developing from "late 1960s psychedelic rock" and represented by bands such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis.

One of my favorite parts of the Triangle music scene is also one of its least-known: for the last thirteen years ProgDay, the world's longest-running progressive rock festival, has been held in a pasture outside Carrboro (yes, there is always a backup venue prearranged in case of bad weather, but almost never been needed). ProgDay XIV will be held August 30 and 31 on Labor Day weekend this year and ticket sales opened up on the event website on July 1st. Every year for the last eleven years (I missed the
first two) I have been astonished by many of the performances, and I am looking forward to this year again."

David: those with an exceptionally good memory will remember that my former band, Smokin' Granny, played ProgDay in 1997, and for several years performed at the unofficial "ProgDay pre-show" the Friday evening before the festival.

(Photo: Steve Burnett performs on theremin)

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