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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top Secret Album Release!

Under cover of darkness, shrouded in secrecy, BitWorks Music has released the greatest achievement in kids entertainment of all time, or at least since lunchtime. It's true! Hank Hooper's multimedia album and eBook edition of "Playground Fortune Teller" is here! "WHAT?! Why didn't I know about this?" you ask. Well, our official Wizard of Maximum Propaganda is hard at work on the official Hank Hooper Propagandorium, designed to make young children cry until their computer hard drives and/or other media devices are filled with the album download edition of Hank's 17 new songs and narrated, illustrated, and exquisitely programmed eBook. If you aren't on the BitWorks Music homepage now, you can surf over and check out Hank Hooper in the catalog. You can purchase it for only $12 for the MP3 (super high quality 320 kbps) edition.

Stay tuned for more...

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