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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dead Confederate Haunts The Cradle

This Tuesday at Cat's Cradle, Athens, Georgia based Dead Confederate brings their haunting rock to life along with Dayton's Heartless Bastards.

The obvious question: what does a dead confederate sound like? I hear barely a hint of southern tinged rock, but primarily this is rock "Athens style". Their newly released album, "Wrecking Ball", was first available in stores on September 16th. Songs like "The Rat" remind me of fellow Georgians R.E.M., while most of the rest are more raw, and yes, haunting, as you might expect from a dead confederate around Halloween--minor, heavy, sometimes doleful.

From their publicity page:

The Georgia group conjured the haunting sound of their debut full-length album WRECKING BALL the old-fashioned way: by making it in the tiny concrete box of a studio in Austin, Texas, where the sound effects for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were recorded. "We're kind of like a Jackson Pollock painting," explains singer/guitarist Hardy Morris, 28. "Brutally honest. There isn't some big twist or turn, it just lays it all out there. Immediate, no frills, primal, emotional.”

They've already shared the stage with R.E.M. (at a lauded 2008 SXSW appearance), Dinosaur Jr., Drive By Truckers, the Black Angels, Deerhunter and Black Lips and are looking forward to tossing aside their day jobs (everything from catering to construction) to get back into their live groove this summer. "Offstage, I'm not going to sit there and bother people with my problems. I can get everything out of me onstage and I'm back to normal offstage," Morris explains. "We're just all pretty laidback and light-hearted guys. People meet us and are like, y'all are not what we expected at all."

You can check out Dead Confederate's tour blog HERE! Even better, you can catch them this Tuesday evening in Chapel Thrill at Cat's Cradle.

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