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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pink Flag and The Homewreckers Launch Debut CD At Duke Coffeehouse

Pink Flag and The Homewreckers are having a CD release party at Duke Coffeehouse this Saturday November 22nd, and I have been fortunate enough to get my hands a copy! The CD features 11 tracks, 6 from Pink Flag and 5 from The Homewreckers.

From the band descriptions:

"[Pink Flag's] earnest approach to all subject matter and whirlwind live performances have been infectious for audiences." I blogged about all-female trio PF a few weeks ago when we had an email discussion. You can check it out here.

This is the debut official Pink Flag and The Homewreckers release, and it is straight-up Triangle punk, heartfelt and in-your-face, and being a guitar geek myself, I was impressed especially with the writing and creativity of PF guitarist Betsy "Lucky Flag" Shane. The Flags cover a lot of ground, with power chords, great use of dynamics, and sometimes even a trio of vocal harmonies. I love the harmony on "Urgency", but the vocals here don't quite nail it. I'm hoping the PF's keep working on this one, because I look forward to hearing it live. Excellent start to what I hope will be many more from Pink Flag.

The Homewreckers are a Durham band "edging their way into the hearts of every garage punk in the Triangle, with a sound that's equal parts punk, indie, and garage with a dash of riot grrl."

What stands out about The Homewreckers is that they're just pretty damn scary. Guys, you do not want to be playing "Ex-Gov. Elliot Spitzer and mistress Dupree" with this band, because you know this will not end well. Fueled by equal parts angst and irony, The Homewreckers, and I'm not making this up--"are ready to steal your girlfriends, beat up your boyfriends, and piss off your parents." I just want to say, "Um, chill. Can't we all get along?" The Homewreckers have contributed power to this release, loud and to your heart, or maybe your throat, hard to say. At times vocalist Jill Homewrecker recalls the intensity of Courtney Love on the standout track "One Shot". This will be a really exciting show, but this relationship is bound to be short lived and painful, because The Homewreckers "won't be coming back here anymore" (according to the lyrics from "All Wheels, No Control"). Let's hope we can work it out, or something..

Don't miss the CD release party this Saturday, the 22nd at Duke Coffeehouse, Crowell Building, East Campus, Durham, 919-684-4069,

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