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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Take a Ride With Calico Horse

Calico Horse is a band from San Diego with an easy feel and a penchant for waltzes (songs in 3/4 time). Their MySpace lists them as "Indie / Experimental / Psychedelic", a delicious recipe led by the writing and vocal stylings of Emily Neveu (also on guitar and keys).

From their bio:

Calico Horse formed from the ashes of the former band The Clock Work Army. Not long after the Clock Work began, guitarist Scott Wheeler moved to Portland and Emily was left to finish the album all by her lonesome. Luckily, she had the help of producer extraordinaire, Pall Jenkins, best known for leading The Black Heart Procession. Together, the two of them crafted an album that is equal parts haunting as it is amazing. Jenkins helped Emily to step outside herself and view things from his somewhat beautifully warped approach to song writing. Because of conflicting schedules and other priorities, the project became a feat in discipline, taking nearly a year to come to fruition. What could have easily ended up a disaster to a less dedicated musician and producer, they instead embraced this small hitch and every session was a whole new playground of ideas. Pressure was definitely not an issue. The extra time was truly a blessing. The result of those sessions is Calico Horse.

The music on their innovative 2008 release "Mirror" is layered confection with keyboard as the foundation, multitracked vocals, various percussion elements, and tasty guitar solos as the icing. Two striking tracks on the album are the anthemic "Onomatopoeia" and "Happy Placebo Syringe Day", a dreamlike sequence through the lives of two lifelong companions, beginning with the two at ages 12 and 8, following them until they are laying "side by side in wooden boxes". Haunting. They remind me a little of London's Stereolab, though much darker. One really cool song they have on their MySpace is a cover of Radiohead's "Idioteque". But wait! There's more! The intense instrumental of "Interlude 5" features a ghostly instrumental of what sounds like theremin and keyboard, a tasty holiday treat.

As you digest and recover from your Thanksgiving and prepare for the holiday rush ahead, take a moment to savor the amazing talent of Calico Horse.

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